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Seria 1 – Martie 2020

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Terraform is powerful and one of the most used tools which allows to manage infrastructure as code in various cloud vendors such as AWS, Openstack, Azure, etc.

The aim of the hands-on three-day workshop is to build up the necessary knowledge on how to properly and safely deploy infrastructure in any kind of environment.


  • Knowing how Terraform works and what issues it solves
  • Able to write and read Terraform files
  • Ability to define setups composed of multiple components with Terraform


In order to attend the current workshop the following prerequisites are needed:

  • Basic Linux knowledge
  • Basic Git knowledge
  • Terraform CLI installed on the local machine
  • Git installed on the local machine
  • OpenVPN installed on the local machine

Note: In order to have all the prerequisites in-place the trainers will provide needed documentation prior to the workshop.


  • Check the local setup (if required)
  • HashiCorp Terraform 101
  • First configuration file and Terraform concepts:
    • Resources
    • Providers
    • Variables / Inputs
    • Outputs
    • Provisioners
    • State / backend
  • CLI walkthrough
  • Setting up an infrastructure with Terraform in Openstack
  • Q/A


Ștefan Caraiman
Ștefan CaraimanTrainer Intro în Linux Administration
Alexandru Coman
Alexandru ComanProgram Manager Python & DevOps
Remy Toma
Remy TomaTrainer Intro în Linux Administration