Data începere

Seria 1 – Martie 2020

Datele sunt estimative și pot suferi modificări minore.



1 zi

Ziua de curs urmează să fie anunțată.

Taxă participare

650 euro


  • Know how to setup Vault
  • Understand Vault concepts
  • Be able to integrate Vault alongside other applications or tools


Before register on the current workshop please check our website <> in order to be sure that you have the skills required for the following badges:

  • Linux Administrator (Basic level)

Note: Wantsome badges can be replaced by previous experience similar with our courses and workshops.

After the current workshop you can obtain the Secrets Management (Basic Level) badge.


  • Why Vault?
  • Vault vs other solutions?
  • Install and start Vault
  • Writing your first secret
  • Vault capabilities
    • Secret engines
    • Dynamic engines
    • Authentication
    • Policies
  • Vault CLI
  • Best practices for integrating Vault with other applications
  • Setting up a high-available Vault cluster
  • Consul template and Vault


Ștefan Caraiman
Ștefan CaraimanTrainer Intro în Linux Administration
Alexandru Coman
Alexandru ComanProgram Manager Python & DevOps
Remy Toma
Remy TomaTrainer Intro în Linux Administration