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Seria 1 – Aprilie 2020

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REST is a reliable, performant and easy approach for building Web Services. ASP.NET Web API is Microsoft’s answer to the growing demand of developers and companies. Participants of this course need to have a solid understanding of the .NET platform and have built .NET applications using either C# or VB.NET.


Web services overview

  • Web services
  • SOAP Services (WCF web service walkthrough, Demo)
  • REST Services (Web API service walkthrough, Demo)
    • Rest Principles, Resources

Web API – Introduction

Scope: understand ASP.NET Web API basic features. In the same time we’ll write an API in order to understand concepts. Create an empty WebAPI project

  • Walkthrough around the project
  • Run the project
  • Fundamentals (Concepts walkthrough)
    • Startup Class
    • Dependency injection (services)
    • Middleware
    • Host
    • Servers
    • Configuration
    • Options
    • Environments
    • Logging
    • Routing
    • Errors

Web API – Implementing a REST endpoint for a specific resource

  • Controllers
  • Routing
  • Serialization
  • CRUD for a resource
    • HTTP Verbs and Status Codes
  • Dependency injection
  • Middleware, Exception handling

Web API – patterns & principles

  • Designing the APIs, the URIs
  • Documentation: Introducing Swagger / Open API
  • Unit of work
  • Exception handling
  • Do not use entities, use models
  • Unit testing

Web API – Advanced topics

  • Web API Security
    • Identity
    • Providers
  • Web API Caching
  • Web API Clean Architecture
  • API Versioning
  • Other
    • CORS
    • Out of the box integrations:
      • Azure App Insight
      • Azure Key Vault

Web API – Development / Workshop

Extend an existing domain service to expose data trough APIs

  • Security
  • Caching


Mihai Nechifor
Mihai NechiforProgram Manager & Trainer Programare .NET
Andrei Scutariu
Andrei ScutariuTrainer Programare .NET