Curs From Zero to Hero – A Tale of Platform Development using the HashiCorp Stack

I. Gitlab Pipelines Distributed Workflows Contributing to a Project Maintaining a Project Gitlab Account Setup and Configuration Contributing to a Project Maintaining a Project Managing an organization Gitlab Runners and Pipelines II. Private Cloud 101 What is a golden image? Why Packer? Define Packer template Build Packer image What is a private cloud? Play with […]

Docker Container Runtime 101

I. Docker 101 for development Why Docker? Proper Docker setup Your first containers Official images Building images interactively Building images with Dockerfiles CMD and ENTRYPOINT COPY and multistage builds Publishing to Docker Hub Docker networking Network drivers and basics Naming and inspecting Service discovery with DNS Legacy links II. Docker Compose Local development workflow Creating […]

Programare .NET Advanced

Curs de Programare .NET Advanced pentru cei care doresc să facă un upgrade de skill-uri și să facă următorul pas în cariera IT.