Wantsome is a new IT-friendly school in Iasi, which wants to change the future of schools in the industry by correlating knowledge with the real demands of employers.


Through Wantsome, we bring affordable and efficient courses according to the current IT industry requirements.


  • increase the professional level for Middle / Senior candidates

  • professional reconversion for junior candidates.

The solution

Informal training sessions, with involved trainers, emphasis on practice and meaningful curricula, are our solution to the need for experienced specialists in local companies.

IT courses


Introduction in Programming

Software testing

Manual testing

Automated testing

UI/UX Design


.NET programming

Java programming

PHP programming

Python programming

Functional programming

Front End programming


Network & Infrastructure

System Engineering & DevOps

Wantsome team

Meet us!

Iuliana Anton
Iuliana AntonCo-Founder & Trainer
Cristian Coțoi
Cristian CoțoiAutomated testing trainer
Matei Micu
Matei MicuPython trainer
Andreea Haras
Andreea HarasManual testing trainer
Octav Zaharia
Octav ZahariaFunctional programming trainer
Ionuț Gănceanu
Ionuț GănceanuManual testing trainer
Robert Dumitru
Robert DumitruUI/UX Design Trainer
Robert Romaniuc
Robert RomaniucAutomated testing trainer
Răzvan Savel
Răzvan SavelAutomated testing trainer
Daniel Gheorghian
Daniel GheorghianJava trainer
Gabriel Paiu
Gabriel PaiuDevOps trainer
Cristi Macoviciuc
Cristi MacoviciucJava trainer
Mihai Nechifor
Mihai Nechifor.NET trainer
Andra Spiridon
Andra SpiridonUI/UX Design trainer
Miruna Ropotă
Miruna RopotăManual testing trainer
Cristian Anton
Cristian AntonCo-Founder
Răzvan Feidi
Răzvan FeidiJava trainer
Alexandru Coman
Alexandru ComanPython trainer
Ioana Barhan
Ioana BarhanManual testing trainer
Iulian Mitrea
Iulian MitreaManual testing trainer
Lucian Moisă
Lucian MoisăJava trainer
Andrei Scutariu
Andrei Scutariu.NET trainer