…has been growing and growing big connections between people and IT. The Friendly Academy came out into this world full of serious intentions of doing some good to the IT community in Iasi and made sure the plans were easily transformed into reality. And so, since 2017, Wantsome presents itself as a cool teacher, assisting all those in need of a professional switch or an upgrade of the IT training level. It supports and breeds professionals, with courses based on authentic practice, held by friendly and very passionate trainers. Starting from scratch, Wantsome turns every graduate, within 4 months, into a confident professional, ready to face the potential employer at an interview. On its way there, Wantsome carefully inspires a lot of passion into the hearts of its students, helping them grow on a personal level as well and opening a line of dialogue with the people who matter. Two years ago, Wantsome showed a potential and promise that didn’t fail to deliver. Today, the people, the stories and the employment rate are proof of a beautiful and harmonious growth of the Friendly Academy.

What do the figures say about results?

Two years of the Friendly IT Academy means 11 courses held by 29 trainers with more than 10 years of experience. It means 350 graduates, 44.4 % of them female. It means an employment rate of over 70%. Wantsome students come from various domains, such as: IT& Engineering (33%), Business Management (6%), Customer Support (9%), Finance Banking (7,5%), Marketing, Advertising and PR (5%), Medicine (4%) or Services (11%). Above all, the figures speak for the people’s faith in a project designed for the community.

What do we wish for from a third year of Wantsome?

We’ve blown out the candles and we’ve made a promise to ourselves: to continue having  beautiful stories and fulfilled dreams to share, dreams we helped come true. If intuition tells you your wish is somewhat intertwined with ours, we advise you to listen to it and check if it’s not, by any chance, right. Our experience says it is. It would be better, however, if you clicked on www.wantsome.ro yourself, picked out the course that fits you best and armed yourself with grit and courage for the changes lying ahead! Wantsome will take care of you on your way there!  We did conclude with a cake, so let us all have an IT-licious year!