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Seria 1 – ianuarie 2020

Datele sunt estimative și pot suferi modificări minore.



8 săptămâni x 6 ore/săptămână = 48 ore

Cursurile se desfășoară de 2 ori pe săptămână: 2 ore de teorie & 4 ore de practică

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  • Laptop personal


Week 1. Setting Up Your Environment

  • Selenium as a Testing Tool 
  • Web Page Structure, DOM, and Finding Elements 
  • Setting Up a Python 3 Test Environment
  • Installing ChromeDriver and Creating and Running Selenium Tests 
  • Troubleshooting a Failed Test and Examining Results 

Week 2. Caching DOM Elements

  • Selecting Locators in the DOM 
  • Handcrafting CSS and XPath Locators 
  • Automating Buttons, Checkboxes, and Input Text Areas 
  • Automating Drop-Down Menus and Lists 
  • Automating Radio Buttons and Radio Groups 
  • Automating Tables 
  • Assertions 
  • Implicit and Explicit Wait

Week 3. Automating Browser Related Actions

  • Executing JavaScript Code 
  • Capturing Screenshots 
  • Browser Window and Navigation 
  • Handling Cookies 
  • WebDriver Events

Week 4. Execution Scaling

  • Working with the Python unittest Module 
  • Making Test Runs in Parallel 
  • Selenium Grid 
  • Setting Up a Selenium Grid with Docker Containers

Week 5. Cross-Browser Testing

  • Configuring WebDriver for Headless Browsers 
  • Running Tests in All Browsers 
  • Managing the Test Results 
  • Creating a Test Report

Week 6. Creating a Test Suite

  • Suite Preparation 
  • Submitting the Form Test Cases 
  • Data Scraping Example 

Week 7. Project

Week 8. Project


Gabriel Paiu
Gabriel PaiuTrainer
Alexandru Coman
Alexandru ComanTrainer

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